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151 West Main Street
Pensacola, FL, 32502

(850) 982-5655

We're a small company with a vision to provide all-natural hand, hair and body soaps and lotion bars. The TRUTH will set you free!

 Shampoo Bar: Tea Tree, Rosemary & Pink Grapefruit


Browse our shop with many varieties of face and body soap,  lotion bars, body mist, facial grains and more. All products are 100% natural and made with care by the Van Pelt family. Experience pure hair and skin essentials with the finest ingredients available! 

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Shampoo Bar: Tea Tree, Rosemary & Pink Grapefruit


Shampoo Bar: Tea Tree, Rosemary & Pink Grapefruit


Truth: 100% natural shampoo in a solid bar. Honey, Tea Tree and Rosemary work together to boost overall hair and scalp health. True gifts from nature, all are said to unblock hair follicles, slow down premature hair loss,  and stimulate new growth. We have received multiple testimonials from both men and women reporting new growth and no more hair loss. You deserve to be deception free!

Ingredients: Saponified oils of organic extra virgin olive, palm, castor, avocado, shea butter jojoba,  honey, tussah silk, essential oil blend of rosemary, tea tree, pink grapefruit and rosemary extract (as a natural preservative).

Size: 4 oz.

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