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151 West Main Street
Pensacola, FL, 32502

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We're a small company with a vision to provide all-natural hand, hair and body soaps and lotion bars. The TRUTH will set you free!



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Lotion Bars........Your new best friend!

Samantha Van Pelt

How many of you suffer daily with dry cracked hands? My guess would be the vast majority of the population deal with this on a regular basis. Hand washing is by far the best means of preventing the spread of germs, but the chemicals in our hand washing products are causing excessive drying and cracking of our skin. The commercial lotions add insult to injury as they make your skin feel soft for only a brief moment. These commercial lotions wash off and have further drying effects, which prompt you to reapply and the cycle continues. Dry, cracked hands also leave us more vulnerable to germs and give an entry for them to enter our bodies.

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Natural vs. Chemical: What's the Big Deal?

Samantha Van Pelt

Fragrance or fragrance oil is by far the biggest deceiver on the market today. Many so-called natural, naked, pure and even fragrance-free products are masquerading their way into virtually every product you could imagine.

The government will tell you its safe in small amounts, however, we are bombarded with artificial fragrance on a daily basis. From cleaning products to car air fresheners to baby wipes, candles, perfume, shampoo, night cream, and deodorant. You name most likely contains some sort of toxic fragrance.

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